We are a community promoting quilting and related crafts.

Kilmore Quilters provides a social environment for us to get together and share knowledge, learn new skills and create wonderful pieces of art that you can throw on a bed, hang on a wall, or present to someone you love.

Monthly gatherings are held on the following days : Our evening gathering is at 7pm, on the 3rd Wednesdayof the month at the Kilmore Memorial Hall, Kilmore, in the supper room.

The day gathering is held on the following Tuesday at the same venue from 9am-12pm.


Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Winter in Maldon

It was indeed a very chilly morning, with the day starting at -2deg C, our members were well rugged up to enjoy a perfect day in Maldon.

We were greeted with beautifully decorated shop windows, glorious sunshine and no wind.  Some chose to immediately hit the shops, while others were content to wander and have coffee.



At 12:00, we all headed to the Maldon Hotel, where we had a wonderful roast lunch (turkey, beef and ham with lots of vegies) followed by delicious plum pudding with custard and cream.  Special diet needs were well looked after too.

After lunch, some did more shopping and others sat by the wood fire, in the light of the huge window and the Christmas Tree watching over them to sit, sew and chat the afternoon away.

 A purely blissful day of shopping, sharing a meal and being with good friends.  Perfect.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

June Gatherings

 To start this month's show'n'tell, we have the beginnings of a butterfly stitchery and some Dear Jane blocks.

The piece below is being made by our male member - B - he is putting together the most amazing applique, full of Egyptian Mythology.  His knowledge of history is quite something. 

English Paper Piecing - is quite addictive!  Also, so much choice these days with many types of papers and templates available to choose from.  Although, one cannot deny the attraction of a simple hexagon......  Can you see the box of prepared hexagons just under the table?  Oh wow.........

Or the alternating shapes which either begin with a hexagon or finish up as a hexagon shape.....

And we mustn't forget "Patchwork of the Crosses" or simple stars....

Or a "Trip Around the World".

 Then we moved onto hand-piecing.  Simply gorgeous


And knitting with self-patterning yarn...  Those socks and that beanie are going to be well loved.  We are eagerly awaiting the show'n'tell of the finished items.

Then we finish off with a wonderful display of machine pieced items.  Starting with a "jelly roll race" quilt.  Followed by the awesome traffic quilt.

Scrappy Stars - the back is as gorgeous as the front.

And some more scrappy stars with alternating 'wonky' courthouse steps blocks.  Two different settings using the same blocks to create very diverse looking quilts.

During 2017 we had a fun sewing day where we all made the "Scrappy Trips" Pattern by Bonnie Hunter.  J has finished hers, completed with a pieced section on the back.


And to finish off, a simple block, made in many sizes to create a glorious riot of colour and fun!

Thank you for stopping by our blog.  We love sharing what we do! :)

Monday, 28 May 2018

May Gatherings

After the AGM, we all got right back to doing what we do best, chatting, sewing, knitting and embroidery.  There was a very wide range of work on display this month.

To start was English Paper Piecing....

Some hand applique....

Then some knitting....

Followed by embroidery and a gorgeous baby blanket with sheep....

An embellished panel.....

Hand piecing....

And, to finish off....  One of our members, S, does a lot of cross-stitch and she shared some of her works in progress.  They are on 20count Aida cloth, with multiple colour changes.

Enjoy.  We hope you'll drop by again next month to see more amazing work.

Blissful Retreat... ahhhh...

We are so lucky to have been able to escape for a few days together, on Retreat in the hills, not too far from home.  I'm sharing some photos of the area and the stunning fungi which was found on our walk, some might say trek, through the fern forest....
The trees are tall, the undergrowth lush and full of ohh..., ahhh... look at that moments.

The late afternoon sun made for intriguing shadows and tree silhouettes, but also a perfect reflection on the pond which we looked out onto from the sewing room.

And, as if the scenery couldn't get any better, these little toadstools showed that fairies really do live at the bottom of the garden! 

Inside, we were treated to an huge sewing room, with lots of light and plenty of space to set ourselves up in.  A full table each ensured productive sewing time, while being close enough together for chatting.

Now for the Show'n'Tell - hope you've got a cuppa ready, this is very photo heavy and well worth the look though all the pics.




 As you can see, it was a perfect weekend for all of us with a big variety of projects, no cooking and no housework.  Purely delightful. :)