We are a community promoting quilting and related crafts.

Kilmore Quilters provides a social environment for us to get together and share knowledge, learn new skills and create wonderful pieces of art that you can throw on a bed, hang on a wall, or present to someone you love.

Monthly gatherings are held on the following days : Our evening gathering is at 7pm, on the 3rd Wednesdayof the month at the Kilmore Memorial Hall, Kilmore, in the supper room.

The day gathering is held on the following Tuesday at the same venue from 9am-12pm.


Wednesday, 30 December 2015

A fond farewell to 2015, we look forward to what 2016 has to bring.

We've had such a busy 2015, the year has flown by so quickly, as it increasingly seems to do.

This year was the year of our Quilt Show. Those who came along enjoyed the wonderful display of quilts, our stage display and our good food. 

Our other main focus for the year was our Honour Quilts which were not only displayed at our own quilt show but also at the Vic Quilters Show and during our local Anzac Ceremony. 

We had winners at Vic Quilters this year, Wendy and Jenny with Wendy's Dutch Treat Quilt and our youngest member Dellareece, who entered her Honour Quilt.


During the year our committee arranged several wonderful classes, sit n sews and our annual retreat.
For our members this is an opportunity to not only enhance their skills but gives them some much valued time to spend on themselves.

Next year we look forward to seeing further progress on the La Pasc. quilts some of our members are currently working on along with the nifty folded quilt as you go quilt that has many of us itching to start.


Wishing you all a Safe and Happy New Year, we look forward to seeing you all in 2016.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

May your Christmas sparkle with moments of love, laughter and goodwill

Hello Everybody,
I hope you have your air-conditioners or fans in working order! Only the first week in December and we are feeling the Summer heat on us. Remember keep up your water consumption and wear something on your head if out in the sun for a length of time. I think most of us would rather stay indoors and pursue our favourite activities, like some lazy sewing for example.
Thank you all for the year that has passed. We have grown in numbers which is wonderful to see. During the year we have learnt new skills and found new ideas and inspirations from workshops and from everyone around us. Something I admire in quilters I meet is that everyone is ready to share ideas, techniques as well as friendship. Somehow, this gives me hope for the continued survival of our world.
I wish everybody a very Merry Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.Enjoy the festivities with family and friends. And I will see you in February at one or both of the gatherings.
Karin   (Kilmore Quilters President)     

We had a great turnout to the Evening Gathering, our last for this year. Lots of beautiful work on display and plenty of Christmas cheer.
Our day gathering was a smaller gathering however there was still a great deal of show and tell with plenty of festive spirit. Great to see our visitors becoming regular visitors.

A quilt centre Shirley is working on
Next year Andrea will teach us this quilt in a workshop

Alison has finished a Michelle Hill table runner

A quilt centre Dianne W is w
Andrea's Christmas quilt
Lorraine S's stitcheries

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.

Joan H's Christmas quilt

For more photos from our December Gatherings go to our Flickr album:

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

We blinked and November was already over.

Where did the month go?  November has become such a busy month that time just flies by.

This month we had our usual gatherings along with a 10am - 10pm Sit n Sew, which also included a class for the Juniors.

Perhaps it's just that time of year or maybe we are just all exhausted by the time dinner is over, our last couple of evening gatherings have been a little quiet.  However, that does not mean we've been light on for show and tell.

Wendy's La Pascaglia
There have been some lovely quilts and stitcheries to see, along with some great progress on La Pascaglia quilts.

Maureen's Redwork
Nancy's One Block Wonder

Our day gathering however was quite a bit busier, with a great turnout.  And once again plenty to see.

Some of the ladies are getting with the spirit and working on Christmas themed items, while others are finishing up UFOs or working hard to get items finished in time to give as gifts.

Sue C's Christmas painted stitchery

To see more photos from our day and night gatherings have a look at our Flickr site

Our Sit n Sew was well attended this month and the Juniors class was very popular with both the Juniors and the "Seniors" sewing up a multitude of Ipod/Ipad stands.   Thank you once again to Maryanne for taking the time to patiently teach your students, both young and old.

Kris's wonky log cabin
Rosies Buzz Quilt
For more photos from our Sit n Sew go to our Flickr Site.

Coming up in December we have our Evening and Day gatherings.  These gatherings will be held a week earlier than usual.   Our Evening gathering is on Wednesday the 9th of December, while the day gathering is on the Tuesday the 15th of December.  Please bring a small plate of festive food to share.

We have no gatherings or activities during the month of January.  Our first gathering in the new year will be on Wednesday the 17th of February.

Saturday, 31 October 2015

October is over and there are only 53 days until Christmas

October is now over, after all the hard work we managed to have a successful, well attended Quilt Show with a great variety of wonderful quilts on show.  With the show over we all drew a big sigh of relief and have moved on with our lives.   As those who have been involved in organising an event such as a Quilt Show it tends to dominate your life and the lives of those around you especially in the weeks and days leading up to and after the show.   Now we have a small amount of time to rest and recuperate before the lead up to that yearly dominating time in our lives - Christmas!!

We have posted many, many photos from our show on our Flikr account and on our Facebook page for those of you who may still be interested in viewing them.

Quilt Show
Stage Display
Viewers Choice
Challenge Entries - Colours of War                       
Avenue of Honour

This month our gatherings were well attended. Our day gathering in particular is becoming increasingly popular and at this one we met 3 potential new members. 

The ladies brought along some great show and tell.

Some of the ladies have started the La Pascaglia Quilt

Nancy made this quilt of OS Vistitors

Judy H made great use of various Rose fabric from her stash

Jo's Aussie Hero Quilt

Jo told us about the great cause - Aussie Hero Quilts, she has started making quilts for, she showed us three quilts she had made.  The blue one to the left is one of them.
Rather than make an anonymous quilt for the boys and girls serving, she chooses to make them a little bit special by subscribing to the request list.
For more information about Aussie Hero Quilts see:  http://aussieheroquilts.blogspot.com.au/

For more pictures from Octobers Show and Tell have a look at our Flikr Album for October.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Thank you for making this years Quilt Show a great Success

So much work goes into setting up a quilt show, there is months of planning behind the scenes leading up to a show - applying for grants, booking traders, arranging rosters, registering entries, typing up the stories that go on the quilts, making our new magnetic pins, planning the stage layout, making items for the trade table, planning menus and so much more.

It was great to see so many men come along with their wives and partners to our show this year.

Thank you to all our volunteers - both members, spouses, sons, daughters and friends for helping us put together a very successful Quilt show.

Challenge Entries

Thank you to those of you who came and helped set up the stands, accept and label the entries, hang the quilts, set up the dining room and entry, preparing the kitchen and those of who loaned items to the stage display.

Stage Display

Thank you to those of you who volunteered throughout the weekend to sell raffle tickets, man the front door, don white gloves, work the trade table and the kitchen.

Thank you to those who helped pack down in record time.

Thank you to all our visitors for coming to our show and thank you for your wonderful feedback.

And most of all thank you to the committee for all your hard work in the background leading up to the show, for your time and efforts during the show and for the continued work you do after the show.

Winner Viewers Choice Mainly Applique - Wendy

Winner Viewers Choice Mainly Stitchery - Joan N

Winner Viewers Choice Mainly Pieced - Shirley
Presidents Choice - Charlene
For more pictures from our quilt show 2015 please visit our Flikr Albums through one of the links below:

Quilt Show
Stage Display
Viewers Choice
Challenge Entries - Colours of War
Avenue of Honour

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Kilmore Quilters Inc. Biennial Quilt Show

Saturday the 10th of October & Sunday 11th of October
10am - 4pm   $5.00 entry
Kilmore Memorial Hall, Sydney Street, Kilmore
Plenty of parking behind the hall.

Antique Blooms
Our theme for this years Quilt Show is Colours Of War, in commemoration of the 100 year Anniversary of the ANZAC landings.

We will be holding a challenge of the same name with the size to be a maximum of one square metre consisting of 3 layers quilted together.
Missouri Stars

Our ladies have also taken on another challenge put forward by one of our members to create a quilt named the Honour Quilt.  The quilt consists of 49 blocks with each block named in memory of a local fallen soldier listed on the local memorials.  

These quilts will be on display at this years quilt show along with many other quilts made by our members, every year we average approx. 100 quilts.

Our Quilt Raffle will feature a First and Second Prize.  With the winner choosing the quilt they prefer.  There will also be door prizes, our trade table and shop tables - Simpson and Scarlett, Canterbury Quilts and Creature Crafts.  You will also have the option to vote on both the challenge quilts and those quilts we have on display.

As we do every year we will have a stage display, this years display will depict the home front - to tie in with our Colours of War theme.

Once again the ladies will have home baked goodies available for morning and afternoon tea along with a variety of options for lunch.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Before we know it our Quilt Show will be happening......

With September flying by we find ourselves in preparations for our upcoming Quilt Show (10th & 11th October).  Entry forms are being gathered, bindings and rod pockets are being sewn onto quilts, cupboards are being raided for items for our Stage Display and last minute embellishments are being added to challenge entries - well this is what we hope is happening.

September was a funny old month for gatherings and our Sit n Sew.  Numbers were down on our evening gathering, while our day gathering was very well attended.

Day Gathering

Andrea's Stars
Sue C's Stitchery


The Sit n Sew was also well attended by a group of very enthusiastic members who were working on a variety of items.  Some worked on items for the trade table, while others were either finishing of projects or starting new ones.

Chocolate and Quilting, cannot do one without the other

Joan's Daughters Bali Quilt

Dellareece's latest project

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Stop Press announcement...

We have just been told that the Patchworkers and Quilters Guild of Victoria has had to cancel its Quilt Exhibition on the 19th and 20th September.

Monday, 31 August 2015

Spring has almost sprung......

Well at least the plum trees think spring is almost here ..... most of them have started to blossom here in the valley where I'm writing this blog.  But it just doesn't feel like spring quite yet.  On most mornings and especially in the evenings it is still bitterly cold in our corner of the world.

However, that has not stopped our enthusiasm and our quest to churn out our quilts.

The quilt show is not far off now, our members are busy creating bits and bobs for the trade table,finishing off quilts ready for display and hopefully working on our challenge entries.

These gorgeous dolls will be available at our Trade Table if you are quick.  As will these Pedal Mats.

August was a quiet month however, a small group of ladies took on a workshop to learn Gillian Marshall's method for foundation piecing taught by Maureen from Rochester's Quilting Patch.

Sue C is continuing on with her stitchery
This class challenged a few of the ladies in choosing colours and using more fabric than they desired.  But all in all they thoroughly enjoyed the class.

There was plenty of show and tell, with a great turnout to both the evening and the day gatherings.    Some of the ladies have started their La Pascaglia quilts, while others were nearing the end of their Nearly Insane journey.

We were also shown some completed UFO's and some great progress made on stitcheries.

Wendy's Nearly Insane Blocks
Wendy has started La Pascaglia
  For more photos from our gatherings or classes have a look through our Flikr site