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Kilmore Quilters provides a social environment for us to get together and share knowledge, learn new skills and create wonderful pieces of art that you can throw on a bed, hang on a wall, or present to someone you love.

Monthly gatherings are held on the following days : Our evening gathering is at 7pm, on the 3rd Wednesdayof the month at the Kilmore Memorial Hall, Kilmore, in the supper room.

The day gathering is held on the following Tuesday at the same venue from 9am-12pm.


Saturday, 31 October 2015

October is over and there are only 53 days until Christmas

October is now over, after all the hard work we managed to have a successful, well attended Quilt Show with a great variety of wonderful quilts on show.  With the show over we all drew a big sigh of relief and have moved on with our lives.   As those who have been involved in organising an event such as a Quilt Show it tends to dominate your life and the lives of those around you especially in the weeks and days leading up to and after the show.   Now we have a small amount of time to rest and recuperate before the lead up to that yearly dominating time in our lives - Christmas!!

We have posted many, many photos from our show on our Flikr account and on our Facebook page for those of you who may still be interested in viewing them.

Quilt Show
Stage Display
Viewers Choice
Challenge Entries - Colours of War                       
Avenue of Honour

This month our gatherings were well attended. Our day gathering in particular is becoming increasingly popular and at this one we met 3 potential new members. 

The ladies brought along some great show and tell.

Some of the ladies have started the La Pascaglia Quilt

Nancy made this quilt of OS Vistitors

Judy H made great use of various Rose fabric from her stash

Jo's Aussie Hero Quilt

Jo told us about the great cause - Aussie Hero Quilts, she has started making quilts for, she showed us three quilts she had made.  The blue one to the left is one of them.
Rather than make an anonymous quilt for the boys and girls serving, she chooses to make them a little bit special by subscribing to the request list.
For more information about Aussie Hero Quilts see:  http://aussieheroquilts.blogspot.com.au/

For more pictures from Octobers Show and Tell have a look at our Flikr Album for October.

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  1. Oh so close to Xmas. I'm not sure I want to know