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Kilmore Quilters provides a social environment for us to get together and share knowledge, learn new skills and create wonderful pieces of art that you can throw on a bed, hang on a wall, or present to someone you love.

Monthly gatherings are held on the following days : Our evening gathering is at 7pm, on the 3rd Wednesdayof the month at the Kilmore Memorial Hall, Kilmore, in the supper room.

The day gathering is held on the following Tuesday at the same venue from 9am-12pm.


Wednesday, 28 March 2018

March Show'n'Tell

Once again, we were delighted with the stunning work on display at out gatherings.  People really do beautiful things with needle, thread, yarn and fabric.  Here's the show'n'tell.....

C has been taking part in an embroidery course and here is one of her assignment pieces

Putting together a few scraps.... 4 patch diamonds are joined to make this beauty.


Sewing together lots of curves can be tricky, but the interplay between pieces and links makes this a wonderful vibrant quilt.  The detail shot shows the contrast of straight line quilting.

 For something a little different, below the cat picture was from a photo and is then appliqued onto a background and thread painted....

R is working away on her Baltimore, red and green applique

C was doing something called "broomstick crochet", but she forgot the stick and couldn't do any - we admired it anyway!

When yo make a "Stack'n'Whack" quilt, but find it needs calming down, you add a solid border of purple and applique yellow flowers on top!

Trip around the world in English Paper Piecing.

Hand piecing.  Both of these ladies are using up some of their older fabrics to great effect.

More English Paper Piecing with some colourful hexagons and a "Patchwork of the Crosses" block.

And, to finish up,  progress on a "Rotherfield's Grey".  The hexagons make one of the borders and the circular design will go into the centre.  Simply stunning in the two colours of red and beige.

That's all for this month, we look forward to seeing you at one of our April Gatherings, or if you can't make it, stop by our Facebook page or leave a comment on this blog to say "Hi" :)

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