We are a community promoting quilting and related crafts.

Kilmore Quilters provides a social environment for us to get together and share knowledge, learn new skills and create wonderful pieces of art that you can throw on a bed, hang on a wall, or present to someone you love.

Monthly gatherings are held on the following days : Our evening gathering is at 7pm, on the 3rd Wednesdayof the month at the Kilmore Memorial Hall, Kilmore, in the supper room.

The day gathering is held on the following Tuesday at the same venue from 9am-12pm.


Saturday, 21 April 2018

Super Saturday

We came together,
We talked,
We laughed,
We shared.

Only a community of like minded people can understand the level of friendship, caring and support we have for each other.

Quilt projects were worked on, machine problems sorted, tools were shared.

While there are no photos, it was a perfect day with beautiful people.

Errata:  Unfortunately there are no photos for this post.  Yours truly got home and realised that she hadn't snapped a single picture. 

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